About the Artist

    Naples Florida Artist, Tyler MacDonald, has always known that his path through life would involve a strong emphasize on art. With his musical ear developing before the age of 10 with saxophone lessons encouraged by his parents, which lead to his desire to create and understand how the world around functions. By the age of 15 Tyler had already started pursuing the arts professionally, Traveling the world capturing the essence of nature through photography. The body of work that proceeded has taken Tyler across the country exhibiting in the nations finest art festivals

    To jump between vastly different mediums may seem unusual, but for Tyler it is simply a way of pushing his creative limits. To go from a successful art photographer to guitar builder (Luthier) practically over night, is just one example.

   Within these guitars, you are seeing a manifestation of all Tyler’s experience as an artist leading up until now. Crafted and built by hand, you can clearly see the spiritual inspiration from nature Tyler has drawn from within the natural construction.  With the final product being an heirloom quality instrument, that plays like no other and acts as a piece of art 

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